lørdag 12. mai 2012

Long stayers

                                                     Two Pink-footed Goose (PFG), Saanum, Mandal 28 April 2012

                                                        The same PFG together with Greylag goose, Sånum, Mandal 12 May 2012

                                              Greater White-fronted Goose (GWFG), Ormestad, Mandal, 10 March 2012. This is the subspecies flavirostris.

                                                   The same GWFG hiding in the grass two months later, 06 May 2012.

                                                         A better view of the same bird. It is staying togheter with a couple of Mute Swan.

Here are some long staying geese this spring, and both species are still present in the area. The two Pink-footed Goose were first observed 11 January and the Greater White-fronted Goose of the subspecies flavirostris 15 January 2012.

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