lørdag 8. desember 2012

Yes, it is winter

This Eurasian Woodcock planed to stay for the winter. It might regrets, but now its too late. Its impossible to escape from the snow. I observed the bird at Toftenes some days ago.

Late Ruff

Ruff is not a common shorebird in Mandal. In May Claus and Thomas had two observations at Ryvingen. I have to say that  I was quite surprised when one Ruff landed just in front of me at Sjøsanden 25 September.

Rare birds alert

Several rare shorebirds have visited Norway this autumn. I managed to see a couple of them. First we had a Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Revetangen, Jaeren (02.08.12) . This one of the hotspots for shorebirds in Norway. One month later an American Golden Plover was observed at Lista. In october one of the other hotspots at Jaeren produced two Semipalmated Sandpipers. The birds were photographed at Nerland 22. October during cloudy and rainy weather.

Mandarin Duck

My second observation of Mandarin this year. Tee bird was discovered at Vigeland 12 of October, and  it stayed only two days.