lørdag 19. mai 2012

Eurasian Coot & Common Morheen - Sivhøne & Sothøne

                                                          Eurasian Coot (Sothøne) from Mandalselva, January 2012. 

                                                        Common Moorhen (Sivhøne), Kvisla, Mandal, April 2012.

Here in Norway Common Morheen and Eurasian Coot are quite common breeders. However, in Mandal none of them are common. The Eurasian Coot earlier had a small population in Leirvika, but today there are not any known breeding sites in our district. Although we suspect that it nests in one or two lakes. Several individuals are often seen mid October to March at different localities in and around the city. The Common Moorhen nests from time to time in Mandal, but there are not any stable population. It was observed at four localities in April 2012.

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