tirsdag 17. februar 2015

Winter in Mandal

During the winter months we normally have some Common Coots, Little Grebes and Smews here in Mandal. But normally we also have a few uncommon Ducks. Here are some of the  observations of this species from 2014 and 2015.
 Common Moorhen, Buøya 11.12.14
 Common Coot, Mandal harbur 14.02.15
 Common Pochard, Skogsfjorden 14.02.15
 Greater Scaup, Leirvika 30.01.14
 Northern Pintail, present from 20.01-05.02.14 Skogsfjorden and Leirvika, together with Eurasian Wigons.
  Smew, male, Skogsfjorden 26.01.14

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