tirsdag 21. august 2012

Uncommon Gull plumage

Yellow-legged Gull and Caspian Gull are two seldom seen Gulls in Norway. The first six observations of this species are all from Mandal, and Mandal still produce more observations of Yellow-legged Gull than any other place in Norway. There are also several observations of Caspian Gull from Mandal. Inge Flesjå is our local expert on these Gulls. THe bird on this photo was first believed to be Yellow-legged Gull, but in fact it is Lesser Black-backed Gull.

                                                         The same size as European Herring Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull. The bird stands out among the other 1K birds. 

 The whitish breast and head are among the field marks seen at this bird that made us first believe that this was Yellow-legged Gull.

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